GECE’s Power Workstations are designed and developed to take the risk out of technological dynamism and realize the long-term benefits of future safe technology. A suite of Power Workstations addressing technical requirements is available off the shelf.

POWERGIS® Geographic Information System

POWERGIS® is a powerful tool to build Geographic Information System for distribution and transmission networks. OGC Certified – The only Indian GIS Product with OGC Certification·

  • OGC Compliant

    Open Geospatial Consortium Inc., certified GIS Engine

  • Network

    Create, Edit and View your Networks

  • Geo-referencing

    Associate network elements physically on a raster / survey map

  • Digitization

    Choose your best-fit Digitization technique

  • Locating Assets

    Identify and locate all utility network elements on map

  • Customer Identification

    Identify or locate your customers and their connections


  • Creation of Digital map of the network
  • Electrical Network overlay on background maps
  • Mapping of exact location of network assets and customers
  • Georeferenced maps