Long Term Load Forecast

Long term load forecasting is a prerequisite to efficient utility planning. The factors that influence load growth vary widely amongst utilities. A range of factors, not limiting to, demographic changes, economic growth, industrialization rate, ground water, trade & commerce shifts, technological shifts influence load changes. The factors that influence developing countries are very different from that of advanced/developed countries.

GECE has extensive experience in conducting long term load forecast studies for power utilities and the portfolio of services includes

  • Integrated system forecasts for utilities and all of their member systems
  • Top-down models
  • Residential consumer forecasts
  • Econometric forecasting of class energy sales and consumers
  • End-use forecasting for all categories of customer
  • Integrated end-use and econometric forecasts
  • Forecast program work plans
  • Low-cost provision of regional economic and demographic data digests
  • Tracking analyses to assess historic forecast performance and recommend changes
  • Monthly, seasonal, and annual peak demand forecasts
  • Load shape forecasting
  • Short-term monthly forecasts for budgeting
  • Weather normalization to support rate studies
  • Small-area forecasts to support distribution system planning
  • Scenario analysis
  • Probabilistic forecasts to support risk measurement and management programs

GECE’s forecasts can help you make the right decision when millions of investment is at stake. Our expertise is invaluable in achieving optimal socio economic return on investment. Get in touch with us today to maximise returns on your system expansion planning initiatives.